Full disclosure: MistyWest is close friends with Shamil Hargovan, Co-founder and CEO of Wiivv. However, this is not a sponsored post.

With all that being said, I’m taking off my MistyWest hat for a shared personal experience.


Wiivv foot scan. Futuristic!

Wiivv foot scan. Futuristic!


Wiivv recently partnered with Volumental to create a unique, personalized experience where those interested in purchasing Wiivv custom footwear and insoles can get their feet scanned on the Volumental foot scanner at selected locations. I got to try this out at the BCTech Summit conference in March, and ordered the full length custom insoles. The whole process was fun, seamless, and informative. After the scan, I received a web link with an interactive 3D model of my feet. Through this I got to learn, along with a pile of other useful information, that my left foot is flatter, with a collapsed arch, whereas my right has a high arch – an important detail (so keep reading!).


Dylan's custom personalized 3D printed WIIV insoles

My unboxed WIIVV insoles


My Wiivv insoles arrived within days. The whole customer experience from scan to receiving the insoles was excellent, but that’s just the beginning. The Wiivv team could not have possibly known that for my 41st year I’ve been training for a half marathon coming this summer. I had clocked 100 kilometres of training before getting my insoles, and was experiencing annoying pain in both feet, in different areas, along with some pain in my knees and lower back. Once I started running with the Wiivv insoles, the pain subsided. I have now clocked 200 more kilometres, with steadily improving pace, and nothing but the usual and expected muscle soreness. It’s damn near miraculous!

I fully credit the Wiivv insoles for adjusting the unique balance in both of my feet, which propagates up the whole body, preventing pain and injury caused by the body overcompensating for my weird arch combo.


They even print your name on the insoles. Nice touch!


It’s rare for a consumer product to really deliver, but the Wiivv insoles have had an immediate positive impact on my quality of life. Thank you Shamil and Team Wiivv for creating a great product and customer experience!


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