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Current Openings

Our Purpose

Inclusive Abundance. To create advanced technologies that enable a healthier planet and bring prosperity to all humankind.

Our Mission

Our People

We pick projects that rely on solving hard problems, which requires the best and brightest talents to execute. Competition for talent is currently very high globally, and especially in Vancouver. We rely on our team to be our best evangelists, and finding new Westies is a shared accountability we all feel passionate about.

What makes us different?

We put people before profits. We place the needs of our team and the needs of the planet before making money. This shows up in many ways, such as the types of projects we accept, how we treat each other as teammates and fellow humans, and how we structure our corporate policies and governance. We also donate 3% of our annual profits to three charities chosen by the team every year.

Our Values

People First: Put people first, both internally (other Westies) and externally (local and global community).
Openness & Truth: Be radically honest in communication and be transparent in your actions.
Pursuit of Peak Potential: Strive to beat your personal best every day and push others to do the same.
Creativity: Promote new or novel ideas or approaches to hard problems. A willingness to try things, even if they seem weird or different.
Bravery Facing The Unknown: Courage, resilience and steadfastness even when times are difficult or others have checked out. Inspires others to be brave.

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