MistyWest is a product development partner that acts as the bridge from lab to assembly line for intelligent and connected devices

 @MistyWestYVR What's the Matter? A new communication standard from the @csaiot is enabling #smarthomedevices from different manuf… https://t.co/HtJ7XGT5rk          @MistyWestYVR RT @iotforall: Are you curious about #compatibility in the smart-home space? @MistyWestYVR explains how the smart home space may be about t…          @MistyWestYVR Who are the winners of #TheMisties awards? In no particular order, we are pleased to share with you the full summar… https://t.co/4amFbbp0FN          @MistyWestYVR RT @iotforall: From better views of soccer games to more efficient waste management, embedded vision systems are improving a variety of ind…          @MistyWestYVR RT @Hacksterio: [email protected] introduces a low-power SOM focused on AI vision: https://t.co/b8TSvCdSwP https://t.co/oSPOZcufmq          @MistyWestYVR SOMs are often not ideal for low power applications. MistyWest and @RenesasGlobal are looking to change that. Read… https://t.co/OSgTjp3CRy          @MistyWestYVR RT @iotforall: Missed yesterday's IoT For All Podcast? In this episode, Taylor Cooper of MistyWest discusses how the chip shortage is affec…          @MistyWestYVR MistyWest and @RenesasGlobal are building a SOM that enables battery powered computer vision applications. Check ou… https://t.co/v7bAHsMBfZ          @MistyWestYVR Considering a quick #IoTSolution that will get your product deployed faster? Think about your #TechDebt. Here's 5 r… https://t.co/6GkkQ73MPg          @MistyWestYVR RT @Semios: Congrats to Semios Director of Engineering, Michael Burton! He's a 2022 Misties Award winner, 20 leaders in intelligent & conne…          @MistyWestYVR Since 2020, MistyWest has successfully delivered some of our most technically complex hardware projects while opera… https://t.co/1XEEqxkrE1          @MistyWestYVR RT @SimoneKnaap: Embedded IoT World 2022: Leigh Christie, MistyWest. #technology #IoT @IoTWorldToday @MistyWestYVR https://t.co/REtl4Cy0GN…          @MistyWestYVR While at Embedded #IoT World during @DesignConEvent 2022, MistyWest cofounder Leigh Christie sat down with… https://t.co/0pAi6XzBwA          @MistyWestYVR RT @OpenFuture_Gal: '#IoT will continue to form the backbone of many technologies that will change the way we all live. We will soon see ma…          @MistyWestYVR Congratulations to the winners of #TheMisties Awards for being voted the #Top20IndividualLeadersInIoT! Incredible i… https://t.co/LCRhvMEgP6          @MistyWestYVR RT @portablelectric: Congratulations to our Founder and CVO, @markrabin, for being named the Top Individual #Leader in Intelligent and Conn…          @MistyWestYVR We are about to go LIVE on YouTube for the Misties Awards virtual ceremony. Join us for a panel discussion on the… https://t.co/KKJek1FytR          @MistyWestYVR After months of hard work, today we will be announcing the #Top20IndividualLeadersInIoT! Join #TheMisties event at… https://t.co/vDdPBAQQHo          @MistyWestYVR RT @adsobol: Honored to be shortlisted for the inaugural Mistie Awards powered by @MistyWestYVR! The awards ceremony will be held on April…          @MistyWestYVR RT @ThirdWave_IoT: Congrats @adsobol for being shortlisted on the Mistie Awards powered by @MistyWestYVR! RSVP for the awards ceremony he…         

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